Media Coverage

June 2018

Western News did a feature on our patient with Riddoch phenomenon and produced a video.

February 2018

An image from Erez Freud's eLife paper was selected as the biomedical picture of the day.

September 2017

Jody contributed to a feature on eLife's approach to peer review.

August 2017

  • The Sunday Post (Scotland) did a feature on Patient MC, "I have not seen my daughter smile since I went blind": Mum’s rare condition lets her ‘see.’

May 2017

  • Jody was a guest on the Dermot and Dave Show on Today FM (Ireland’s most listened to mid-morning music and chat show) to discuss the case of Patient MC.

April 2016

October 2015

  • Dr. Jacqueline Snow's paper in Journal of Neuroscience gets media coverage from South Asian Daily

April 2015

  • Jody Culham gave a public lecture on "How the Mind Can Control Machines" at the London Public Library, London, Ontario

November 2014

  • Jody Culham gave a public lecture on "How Can the Brain Control Machines?" at the Toronto Mini-Maker Faire

June 2014

May 2014

  • Our work with a woman, Patient MC, who has a fascinating neurological syndrome was featured on National Public Radio in the US in a piece called "The Blind Woman Who Sees Rain, But Not Her Daughter's Smile."  You can hear a 10-min radio interview or see a 3-min video simulating her visual experiences.
  • Jody Culham organized a discussion panel on "Publishing 2.0: How can we change the publishing system in researchers' best interests?” Canadian Association for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec.

February 2014

November 2013

  • Jody Culham gave a public lecture about "How the Brain Controls the Body" at the London Children's Museum for Research Matters

October, 2013

  • The Treachery of Images (Jody Culham) - CBC Radio-Spark with Nora Young
    How our brains react to objects versus how we react to images of objects and the implications for our very visual - and virtual - culture

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