Teresa McAdam


Email: tmcadam<at>uwo.ca

PhD in Neuroscience (2010-2014)
University of Western Ontario
London, ON, Canada

MSc in Pharmacology and Toxicology
Queen's University
Kingston, ON, Canada

BSc (Hons.) in Life Sciences
Queen's University
Kingston, ON, Canada

BPHE (Physical Health and Education)
Queen's University
Kingston, ON, Canada


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Kroliczak, G., McAdam, T.D., Quinlan, D.J., & Culham, J.C. (2008). The human dorsal stream adapts to real actions and 3D shape processing: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study. JNeurophys 100: 2627-39.

McAdam, T.D., Brien, J.F., Reynolds, J.N., & Dringenberg, H.C. (2008). Altered water-maze search behaviour in adult guinea pigs following chronic prenatal ethanol exposure: lack of mitigation by postnatal fluoxetine treatment. Behav Brain Res 191(2):202-9.


Monaco, S., McAdam, T. D., McLean, A. D., Culham, J. C., Singhal, A. (November 2008). fMRI reactivation in the Lateral Occipital Complex during action execution and action imagery toward visually and haptically explored objects. Talk to be presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, Washington, DC.

Cavina Pratesi, C., Monaco, S., McAdam, T., Milner, D., Schenk, T., & Culham, J. C., (November 2007). Which aspects of hand-preshaping does human AIP compute during visually guided actions? Evidence from event-related fMRI. Talk presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, San Diego, California.

Kroliczak, G., Quinlan, D. J., McAdam, T. D., & Culham, J.C. (October 2006). AIP shows grasp-specific fMRI adaptation for real actions. Talk presented at the Society for Neuroscience, Atlanta, Georgia.