Media Coverage

June-October 2018

Western News did a feature on our patient with the Riddoch phenomenon and produced a video. The work has been featured by Scientific American and the Scientific American podcast (Time: 10:56-23:40) The Ophthalmologist, the National Post, Global News, the Daily Mail (U.K.), NewsweekScience DailyThe London Free Press, CTV News, CBC Afternoon Drive, Medical News Today,Global News Radio 980 CFPL (London, Ontario) and many other international sources.

February 2018

An image from Erez Freud's eLife paper was selected as the biomedical picture of the day.

September 2017

Jody contributed to a feature on eLife's approach to peer review.

August 2017

  • The Sunday Post (Scotland) did a feature on Patient MC, "I have not seen my daughter smile since I went blind": Mum’s rare condition lets her ‘see.’

May 2017

  • Jody was a guest on the Dermot and Dave Show on Today FM (Ireland’s most listened to mid-morning music and chat show) to discuss the case of Patient MC.

April 2016

October 2015

  • Dr. Jacqueline Snow's paper in Journal of Neuroscience gets media coverage from South Asian Daily

April 2015

  • Jody Culham gave a public lecture on "How the Mind Can Control Machines" at the London Public Library, London, Ontario

November 2014

  • Jody Culham gave a public lecture on "How Can the Brain Control Machines?" at the Toronto Mini-Maker Faire

June 2014

May 2014

  • Our work with a woman, Patient MC, who has a fascinating neurological syndrome was featured on National Public Radio in the US in a piece called "The Blind Woman Who Sees Rain, But Not Her Daughter's Smile." You can hear a 10-min radio interview or see a 3-min video simulating her visual experiences.

  • Jody Culham organized a discussion panel on "Publishing 2.0: How can we change the publishing system in researchers' best interests?” Canadian Association for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec.

February 2014

November 2013

  • Jody Culham gave a public lecture about "How the Brain Controls the Body" at the London Children's Museum for Research Matters

October, 2013

  • The Treachery of Images (Jody Culham) - CBC Radio-Spark with Nora Young
    How our brains react to objects versus how we react to images of objects and the implications for our very visual - and virtual - culture

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