Volunteers for Brain Imaging (fMRI) Experiments

We are always seeking healthy volunteers to participate in neuroimaging experiments using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Functional MRI measures brain activation over time, while the participant views various stimuli or performs different tasks. Sample tasks may include viewing pictures of visual patterns or objects; making eye movements; performing reaching or grasping movements; remembering a list of words; or listening to speech sounds. Typical sessions last for 1-2 hours, and involve lying still in the scanner while brain images are recorded.

Any data collected from you will be kept confidential and you may withdraw from participation at any time. Please note that the MRI images taken for these experiments are intended purely for research purposes. They are not read by a radiologist and cannot be considered for diagnostic purposes. If you require an MRI for health reasons, consult your physician.

To be eligible to participate, you must:

  • have no metal in your body (fillings are okay)
  • not be claustrophobic
  • be able to remain practically motionless for periods of 5-8 minutes
  • be in good health and have no history of neurological disorders (e.g., epileptic seizures, head injuries)
  • be able to see without glasses (contacts are okay) at arms' length (our lab does mostly vision experiments)

Prior to your first scan, we ask you to read and fill out the following:

More information is available on our frequently asked questions page.

If you have read the above information and wish to be added to our participant list, please contact:

Jody Culham
Brain and Mind Institute
Western Interdisciplinary Research Building
Western University
London, Ontario N6A 3W7