Directions to Robarts

To get to the University of Western Ontario campus, view a map of London showing Western and the parking lot locations.

Scans take place in the Robarts Research Institute 3 Tesla magnet.

The experimenter should arrange a place and time to meet. Two common meeting places are the main and side doors to the institute (seen in the picture below). To get there from campus, go to the main bus loop (in front of Natural Sciences) and take the outdoor stairs going down between Health Sciences and Natural Sciences/Taylor Library. Once you are at the bottom of the stairs, you will see the main entrance to the John P. Robarts Research Institute straight ahead.

John P. Robarts Research Institute (click to enlarge):

RRI identification is required to enter the building. You will need to have arranged to meet someone who can let you in or, during working hours, to have the guard phone the experimenters to validate your entry.

Map of campus showing RRI (click to enlarge):


Call us if you encounter any problems - MRI control room phone number: (519) 663-5777 x34060